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eRecords Symposium July 2015

eRecords Symposium July 2015
Sponsored by Consult IT in collaboration with SQL View and CrimsonLogic.

Consult IT, in collaboration with its partners, SQL View and CrimsonLogic (both of Singapore) are sponsoring an eRecords Symposium on the 29th and 30th July 2015 at Phakalane Golf Estates Resort, in Gaborone.

The Symposium is targeted at all the Record Management Units of government departments, local government authorities, local universities, local banks, parastatals and international organisations like SADC.

Download Program for eRecords Symposium: 29th to 30th July 2015

Download Here

The sponsors of the Symposium would like to arm those attending with the following:

• Be able to make a distinction between e-records, e-documents and e-content.
• Share best practice in migrating from physical records to e-records.
• Share experiences with organisations in Botswana that have made or are making the    transition from physical records to e-records.
• Share experiences with Singaporean organisations that have made the transition to
• Share the common features of e-record systems as prescribed by international standards.
• Learn the practical elements of legislation regulating the handling and certification of    
• Share technical issues around dealing with e-records (especially how e-record systems    relate and work with enterprise level systems).
• Share experiences on securing digital records (i.e. digital signatures and digital    watermarking).

This symposium is fully sponsored and invited attendees will attend for free. Attendees only need to cater for their travel and accommodation. Lunch and two teas will be served as part of the sponsorship package.

eRecords Symposium Presentations

Consult IT Profile: Download here
E-Records Symposium - Master Presentation: Download here
Challenges of E-Gov Collaboration v1: Download here
E-Govenment Master Plan Presentation to 14th e-Government Board version2: Download here
E-Legislation in Botswana - Keetshabe: Download here
Future of Paper Record: Download here
Importance of Classification to E-Records: Download here
International Standards Reference: Download here
Managing Records From Physical to Electronic: Download here
MTI Project Lessons for Public Sharing: Download here
Overview of CrimsonLogic - Public Sector Group v2: Download here
Overview of Document Security v1: Download here
Singapore E-Government Storyv1: Download here
SQLView Profile: Download here

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