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Partnerships and Alliances

CIT has formed various relationships with companies, both locally and regionally, which allows us to draw on a large pool of resources and knowledge.

Some of our partners:

• SQL View (Pty) Ltd
• DocQnet Systems International (Pty) Ltd
• Tsohle Business Solutions (Pty) Ltd
• IFS South Africa (Pty) Ltd
• Fundani Computer Systems
• ST Electronics (Pty) Ltd
• Blue Turtle Technologies (Pty) Ltd
• Aleis International Pty Ltd
• Weblogic
• T&T Geomatics Pty Ltd

Values Of Consult IT

Customer needs driven:
Adopt a help first attitude.» Demonstrate determination to solve the problem.» Customer business continuity is our focus.» We always keep our word.» Employ personalized, relationship, approach.

Embrace new ideas, create new products.» Know what we are talking about and encourage employee participation in decision making.

Leave the client able to carry on alone Knowledge transfer.» Promote self managed work teams in our company.» Empower ourselves with knowledge.

Empathise with customer.» We promote collaboration, support and commitment to company goals.» Promote sense of belonging.

Capabilities And Experience

CIT has been involved in a number of projects, ranging from small to large.
The company has staff strength of twenty (20). The company is owned by two Batswana namely Dominic Ferguson and Onkutule Makgatlhe. The company has three Batswana Directors being: Mr Dominic Ferguson (Managing Director), Mrs Onkutule Makgatlhe (Executive Director) and Mr Pontsho C Pusoetsile (Chief Operating Officer).

CIT employees possess a diverse collection of skills, gained whilst working across a variety of business environments. In an industry where intellectual capital / property is important, CIT has ensured that it has staff experienced and skilled in essential service areas, specifically Livestock Identification / Tracking and Traceability, Solar solutions, Systems Design, Development and Implementation, Consulting Services, IT Strategies, IT Policies, Requirements Definition, Project Management, Microsoft Solutions, High-Availability Solutions, Enterprise Architecture, Networking solutions, Document management systems, Performance Management Systems, Business Process Mapping/Re-Engineering, Bespoke and Packaged Systems Deployment, Maintenance and Support services, Networking services, and IT Training.

Quality Management: CIT utilises a formal Quality Management System (QMS) in the implemented of all our projects.

Policies, Standards And Procedures: CIT actively subscribes to, and supports, internationally recognised best practices, standards, procedures, processes, models and methodologies.

Project and Risk Management: Effective Project and Risk Management is key to all of CIT’s services hence our utilisation of established and recognised methodologies, e.g. PMBOK, Prince2, Unified Rational Process, etc.

Business Approach

We Offer Business Solutions: The solution must suit the client
We Believe In Knowledge Transfer: An integral part of quality service
• ICT partner and instead of an ICT vendor.
• Acceptance of risk
• Adherence to specifications, schedules and quality standards
• Flexibility and scalability of the solution we provide; to enable organisations to cope with changing demands and reduce possible future capital expenditure
• Adding value through ICT.

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